Why Gulf Coast Game Trader is bad if you into retro gaming in South Mississippi.

Why is this information deleted?

Because for the time being, times have changed and none of the information is current, while this stuff did happen, its not now.

Bottom line is this.


no real gamer or game collector sets foot into this group, when they do, they are booted.

Many of the resellers run amuck do, the same people who try their damnest to get huge lots worth $300-400 for $90 so they can make huge profits at your expense.

With that said, let me speak about Xanatos, the guy who keeps changing his FB profile name. If I ever find out you drive a PT Cruiser trying to stalk my premises, which was a while back seeing how much research and effort you put into trying to find me, you going to be wishing you never went that extra mile.


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3 Responses to Why Gulf Coast Game Trader is bad if you into retro gaming in South Mississippi.

  1. Lilac says:

    I used to be a member of the group, also, until I removed myself. Incident #1) I wanted in a lot of games and was willing to meet immediately. After waiting for almost an hour I messaged the person I was meeting and he said he had stopped to meet someone else and sell one of the games at Beau Rivage. I was reassured it would be looked into; he was never banned. Incident #2) Someone posted a VERY RARE, expensive game for sale or trade. After many offers she accepted mine and we each drove thirty minutes to meet half way. When we get there she started talking about how someone in the group offered her to come to their store ava she could get pretty much anything she wants put they had nothing she really wanted (hmmm, I wonder who that was?) and someone else offered her a bunch of common, not worth anything games. I HOOKED her up and gave her Mario’s, Donkey Kongs, etc., plus systems to play them on. (It’s what she asked for, not what I told her she had to take.) The next day she was banned because she was supposed to meet someone else and was a no show but did not tell me. Now, didn’t I just say in incident #1 that the guy wasn’t banned for doing me the same way? Incident #3) My brother who lives on the MS Gulf Coast, who was also a member of the group, deals on EBay, just was banned for no reason, he still, even to this day, does not know why he was banned. I do not know who wrote this article but it was spot on, I remember someone blowing up in the comments, cussing even, when people started saying where they found good finds.

    • sarentack says:

      The thing is about the group is they ironically ban most of the people who collect, trade, play, and when they sell, sell at way more than fair price. Yeah…all those people are gone.

      The bigger picture with GCGT is the people that stand you up or cutting in on your deals and not knowing who it is is people that stay silent and dont post at all, those are the same people who either is building game collections for as cheap as possible and trying to screw people over in the process, or they flat out resell everything they get after conning people down to a lowball price, same people that has a hold on thrift stores, goodwills, pawn shops on the gulf coast so they can hoard it all, not to mention GCGT has allowed several thieves to operate in the group as well.

      What most people dont know also and I dont know if the people who stay silent in the group is part of the problem with the admins who run the group, but the admins who run the place are quite the cowards when it comes to confrontation or any interactions, if it be real life or in the group, they get alot of their goons to do their dirty work, non admins and what not. They got friends who does their work like a damn Mafia. Most of problem really stems from Mike Yorks and Brian Bennett though, main two who has friends that does the bidding for them.

      This is the group I made as a rebellion or refuge so to speak, much more organized and ran by just me than all of GCGT is with what? 8-9 admins for 2500 people? Its crazy. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1412138339080995/1620535634907930/?notif_t=group_activity&notif_id=1481954802439149

      • sarentack says:

        Oh yeah also need I mention members of the GCGT changing their names also, I got proof of one guy doing it and over time seen many more do it as well, like that doesnt raise red flags.

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