The Windrunner Stories (Chronicles of what I have seen on the server)

The age of the MMO, its been one created to entertain PC players for numerous years. But the true reality is, its become a genre where players are loosing sleep, lives are destroyed, and some occasions has become something where you shut yourself off from the outside world. One game in particular like this has been World of Warcraft, first launched back in 2004, on a particular server called Windrunner, in which the true stories will be told as most players from there, had believed other sources as being right.


Upon removing myself from everquest, most players found themselves leaving 1 server and then finding a WOW server all would jump to, for Windrunner, the server they was related to in EQ would be Veeshan, right there this opens up another can of worms if people familiar with Veeshan, knew what really came out of it.

But as WOW installed, me and friends rolled on 3-4 different servers due to previous ones going down for 3 days at a time due to the chaos that ensued on this game. That is until a day or so later we moved to Windrunner, not exactly my cup of tea either, not only was it a Western server while we was stationed in Louisiana, but Western servers is a crime against humanity in any MMO. Like my old saying goes, when California sinks into the Pacific, the United States would not be loosing anything. This statement is more true than what most would like believe.

Upon rolling a Paladin out the starting gate, things did seem promising though, for about 2 months anyway. Then the 10 year olds came in and pretty much turn the server upside down. After me and friends ended up joining guilds like Dark Eternals, and Prism of Life, we usually ended up doing our own thing. Then our friend Aliese (spelling?) decided to make a guild, we were friends with Aliese and immediately starting our recommendations of great players for Aliese’s guild, our decision to not move to it and stay in Prism of Life was one we all would regret, the name of the guild Aliese created was “Forlorn Legacy”, which few people knew we were the foundation and building blocks for this guilds existence right now. Stories untold in Windrunner lore due to bitter hate.

But it was not longer later the Politics took place, no not the president and mayor politics, but common player and citizen politics where you get good apples and bad apples in 1 guild, at most of the time ended up being bad apples. It was very apparent when I was in Templars of the Cross where we was raiding, one of the healers in that guild and raids we would do (Scherzo) had to be one of the bottom of the hill Paladins you would find, the guy really didnt know how to play the Paladin class obviously, then one day he abandoned TOTC and went with Meike and The Guilded Flagon, which at the time was not far out from Forlorn Legacy progression wise, at this point I spoke publically like I do about everything (no reason to hide it), asking in guild chat, how the hell did he get into TGF? Well apparently everyone in TOTC told him what I said, which I didnt care, at that point Scherzo would try his best to harass over the situation because it was obvious he knew it was true, he was the guy that played the Guilds politics good, and quite frankly, this sort of thing has been seen on numerous occasions throughout Windrunners life span. Including letting Vincent and Dhivaul into Forlorn Legacy when neither of them could play their class correctly, and Vincent had an indentity crisis on what class he could find he might could be good at (Mage is not one of them for sure), again its seen all over Windrunners history this kind of behavior.


One of the things Windrunner community may want to forget is how a guild with little going for it, ended up being the first ones to kill Onyxia, but not only that! The server was nearly if not one of the last ones in the world that had yet downed the dragon. That guild was Dii Della Luna, I guess our recruitments to Aliese such as Shantrell and others had not paid off quite yet for Forlorn =( I am not certain what ever happened to Dii Della Luna, but this is just further agony to a server not exactly stellar by any means, where the servers first Onyxia kill is one that came and went as fast as the Ninja looter Jerry.

VVV and PVP and the Nicolai story

The Nicolai story is a funny one, this is a prime example of bad players looking good. Something that we see happy quite often on Windrunner, but Nicolais vanishing act (literally) is what made him look like a PVPer, but his success is contributed by the fact he could kill with no problem since his healers always heal botted him, you find you 2 healers to heal bot you in any BG, you going to fucking kill and look good. Trust me, Nicolai is not the only one like that. Matter of fact the first time I managed to run into Nicolai in a BG, he never had his healers with him, he made the mistake of coming to the Stables where I decided to guard solo, needless to say I wasnt the one that ended up in the graveyard either when all said and done.

Which brings me to other PVP moments, VVV, I am just hoping no one actually believed this group of Windrunners first PVP guild and first premade pvp group was actually good. Well they wasnt, you need look no further than Bunnys Elite to see that. VVV was crap players when they had to solo, they sorta remind me of the Nexus or NWO, dangerous as a pack, but complete shit solo. It was headed by the mouth of the south “REI” who had no idea how to play a hunter, matter of fact none of the pvpers in VVV really had a clue how to PVP, at these times in Vanilla WOW, you didnt even have to win BGs, you just move in packs and kill for honor thus you are handed Field Marshall and Grand Marshall. One time I met a member of VVV that wasnt in a pack, the Warlock challenged me to a duel, pretty much his strategy the entire time was fear, being this was next to the horde base, his strategy was fear me into the horde base, so apparently at this point I knew the skill levels of those players was quite low. That theory was further proven when some of the VVV members (Usually only 1 or 2) ran with Bunnies Elite on some games, where did they end up? Thats right, bottom of the list or near it. they were DPS variety to, one I know was a Warrior but dont recall the name.

Eventually in running with Bunnies Elite, everyone in this group (BE was not a guild), showed me something else to, showed me good players in POO guilds that should be much higher, names like Decain and Mavin come to mind. Rogue and Hunter that would put Rogues and Hunters in Forlorn Legacy to shame due to their knowledge of the class and how they built stats for their characters, although we had a dud like Habana, while not the brightest, was at least serviceable, then their was Perdrix, who I have no clue wtf he even did in the BGs, although he ended up in FL later on.

The 2 transfers off windrunner

Windrunner became a highly populated server, most of it Alliance, this opened up free transfers to a new server (Rexxar) and while it seemed promising, boy was it a crock of shit. Not only did it have low standards and no good players, the servers only guild that did anything {Oracle} was as much as a doucebag like some of the players and guilds on Windrunner, apparently where Oracle came from, they played this politic game to where it didnt fly on their old server which I think was Silvermoon. Needless to say when I moved, I moved with the wrong crowd, I remember one guild though recruiting to compete with Oracle, well, it went to more guild Politics when I apped for them, this moron named Sadistiktuna (spelling?) is telling a bunch of lies to me, then I see other people wear the name tag instantly, I am messaging him……..what? He starts going on how he says I am immature over and over again everytime I ask him something, I told him straight up, yeah I am immature when you cant even tell the truth and you rambling on about something you heard. Needless to say, this is type of people you deal with from Windrunner, which most of their line of thinking has usually been assumption. So I went to Greymane.

Greymane and Exousia. Top 10 world wide guild.

Me and Frey transfered to Greymane and into a guild with our Guild ldr Kallozar, named Exousia, who at the time was one of the top guilds in the world, we was immediately put into the roster of 40 man Naxx and 40 man AQ, at this point we was further along than anything Windrunner was dreaming of, it was quite challenging, especially 40 man Naxx and AQ40 was not too bad at all, we pretty much rolled through all of AQ40 and Cthun and most of Naxx in no time, at this time BWL was also still viable in getting the gear to go through AQ40 and Naxx 40. Although Exousias reign as a top guild in the world and on the server was coming to an end as they let guild politics and the DKP system destroy them from inside out, at this point all officers either moved or quit, last I checked Kallozar is still level 60. But Greymane had more than 1 good guild, the next was Chrome, got into Chrome with no problem (So why is it so hard to get into Windrunner guilds?) Chrome wasnt as good as Exousia, although they could do plenty Naxx and AQ content, and wiz through BWL with no problem, MC at this point was an afterthought.

Transfer back to Windrunner and the Transfer away from it again

In coming back, (mistake? yeah) I joined up in TOTC again under a new aliases, just to see what is going on in these guilds, found out quickly DKP systems were pampering Ender and the officers, not like this is anything new as it was like this in Exousia to some extent, and in other guilds, pretty notorious for guilds in EQ also like {Tempus Dei} of Veeshan.

I decided to hang around some showing off the gear I had more than worrying about raiding, because guild and server politics dont allow for good players to achieve anything. At this point no one knew who I was, I even aided Forlorn Legacy in obtaining Bindings for one of their warriors, but I must say during this time period, I was amazed at how people an entire server is able to start cheering for someone as if they were Kim Jong Ill, this was directed at people cheering at Fez, who couldnt tank his way out of a wet paper bag. This type of thing has baffled me quite a bit and further proof how the politics players on Windrunner, is the result of how bad of a shape its been in since, without Forlorn, it really has nothing, but the Forlorn story has another side to it to, especially after Aliese left. But most of the reason I returned was for the friends I had on Windrunner, who would be better transfering themselves but the are quite stubborn. Compete in PVP and find absolutely no reason why I even returned.

I later left for Eldre’Thalas, yet its so easy to get into other end game guilds? Yeah it is if its not on Windrunner apparently, at this point we was in TBC and was doing Caverns getting Tier 5 I believe it was, well it went down hill at this point, apparently Scherzo couldnt stand it, he got jealous outside the fact he didnt like what I had to say in TOTC guild chat, the guild on Eldre’Thalas apparently was gullible enough to believe Scherzo, and thats where it ended.

Ended? No not quite, Windrunners 3rd go

Upon arrive of WOTLK, I put the old Paladin to sleep, never to log into that account since then, instead made a new account and leveled up a Deathknight, but this time on the Horde side. Upon joining Blood Thirsty Roaming Mobs and allying myself with Wargh, I found just how respectable and much better the Horde side is compared to the Alliance side.

Upon leveling and getting gear, I put my focus on both PVP and PVE at the same time, within short period of time, I was in all Furious Gear, the guild was in excellent shape and doing hard modes in Uld 25 up to clearing the place as a raid and on 10 man. I was usually top DPS every raid, but the hell I was unleashing on the Alliance was satisfying to say the least. Me and Kimbo worked as a team in Arena achieving 2300+ in 2v2 and would of went higher had the season not ended so short. But my hell I unleashed to the Alliance in PVP and even in WG was satisfying enough where I may retire in the end, this was topped by beating the Alliances best they could muster in 2v2, I would often do World PVP kicking just as much ass in it as I could find. But as things started to deteriate, guild started moving on as well as its players, my buddies who was alliance and went horde, went back to the Alliance, big mistake. As I installed Cata to come back and see what was happening, nothing changed, Alliance is more a joke on Windrunner as it was 3 years ago, This is all the Paladin and DK wrote. Shall their be more? Only I know this answer.


19 Responses to The Windrunner Stories (Chronicles of what I have seen on the server)

  1. Perdrix says:

    I found this both interesting and funny as hell… while, I can’t say first hand about the history of FL before I was a member back in AQ40, I can say that as far as I know Aliese, basically took the guild bank and quit FL at the very beginning of BWL and left the guild in shambles. That’s why you don’t hear anyone from FL, talk about Aliese, or it could be that not many members from back then still left.

    As far as Bunnies Elite goes… I am not sure why you have hatred for me, being as I was one of the founding members, and kept it running for as long as I could. As far as knowing my role in a BG, I was a healer. I ran around and healed the real dps and helped defend and assault bases. Bunnies Elite was never about telling people how to play their class, it was about having fun. We always had several paladins running with us, some healed, but most went ret. We made it work.


  2. unknown says:

    Never hated you, I just dont remember which is why I posted it.

    BE never told people how to play their class no, but the players we had had to be some of the best on the server and prolly could of been in way better guilds to.

    The idea of this story is to tell the absolute truth, most people tend to believe other sources and easily taken in by a friend of theirs in the game that only became a friend because they wanted something, like a guild spot. If anyone disputes an ounce of the story though, I be glad to answer them.

    The story you tell of Aliese is quite true too unfortunately, although at the time all of it happened, I believe was a result of Aliese losing control of the guild more than wanting to screw them.

    • Perdrix says:

      Oh wow… I completely misread what you wrote… my bad. I wouldn’t say that the players in Bunnies Elite were amazingly better then the rest of the server, although we had a handful of standout players. What was really happening was that we were playing as a team, and worked together on assaults and defends. As far as deserving to be in better guilds, I agree completely, and I tried to get some to app to FL at one point or another.

      You went to Rexxar, any idea what happened to Amrod? I have considered remaking Bunnies Elite for Cata rated BGs… I haven’t played in over a year now… so getting sucked back in doesn’t seem worth it… lol.

      As far as Aliese goes, I can’t say either way, I wasn’t there. I do know that Kold(Former GM of Vis Maior) told me that Aliese was the GM of Vis Maior on some other game before WoW came out(I think it was Final Fantasy, but it could have been EQ… I am not really sure), and Aliese quit on them. Cev told me that Kold tried to warn everyone in FL when it was new about Aliese, but no one listened.

      I don’t know how FL was run back then, but my entire time in FL, the guild was never really run by the GM. The GM has always been a figure head, and the guild was more or less run by the raid leader at the time. This was true when I was an officer in FL, and this was true when I was I was GM of FL.

  3. unknown says:

    Amrod Changed his name to Amrast, I am not sure what happened to him after that point. I know Doomhammerr made a PVP guild and got GM, this is where most of the Windrunner players was, but this was about 2006 or 2007 long before WOTLK.

    The whole Aliese thing though, this is the first I heard of him/her being in FF or EQ and doing this, although we had to admit, Aliese was a key building material in FLs existence. I figured the GM role was mostly ran by a raid ldr for the fact new GMs come and go and nothing ever changes in FL.

    As far as Cata rated BGs go, yeah it seemed worth it at one point, for about 3 days, then I ask, whats the point? Nothing has really changed in the game when you think about it, most of what I would need to do in Cata I accomplished twice before in WOTLK and TBC, and a 3rd time seems just be old.

  4. Perdrix says:

    Yeah, the Rexxar transfer effectively split Bunnies Elite in half, as many of our players were looking for greener grass on another server and a free transfer was their ticket. I knew he changed his name to Amrast but we stopped talking sometime during late vanilla and I assume he quit.

    I can’t deny the Aliese may have been the building blocks that formed FL. I am sure that early form of FL also set forth the goals that FL lives up to today(Clearing all content and doing it first on the server). As far as FL GMs go… Angelic/Negiva was the only GM to also be the raid leader in FL, at least as far as I know. Angelic raid lead for most of vanilla, quit, came back, and raid lead for most of TBC, became GM, finished Sunwell, quit, came back and raid lead for most of WotLK, finished ICC, and quit again…. He just got server first level 85…. so my money is that he will be raid leading in Cata…. which is great news for FL, since he is an amazing raid leader, and as a player he can play any role, dps, tank, or heal….

  5. unknown says:

    Well if I recall correctly, most of the BE as a unit was diminishing anyway by the time the Rexxar xfers opened up. I think we would end up having to add more pugs thus affected the winning chances alot, especially against the hordes full PVP teams they bring to the table. Rexxar xfer just pretty much put the nail in the coffin.

    As far as Negiva goes, I dont know what his method was for leveling, I know most of FL was 2 manning the elites though to get all 85 in about 12 hour span. But their was people like Athene who got 85 in 5 hours, and the method at which to level in such short time was quickly removed, I dont know if Negiva did that method, but he could very well of been the 1st in the world if the method was never implemented in the first place, most of these methods was discovered in Beta and not reported.

    As far as Aliese goes, while he/she created FL, I am pretty certain still if not for that, we probably be talking about Dii Della Luna or TGF, either way Windrunner would have its end game guild.

  6. Perdrix says:

    Negiva just quested, and I am quite sure so did most everyone in FL. I know he did some leveling on beta, but he said he didn’t do the last 2 zones on beta and that cost him. What Athene did was kind of silly, and he could only do it with the help of quite a few players killing mobs that he tags, in a high spawn rate area. Blizzard really can’t do anything about that. I actually think that Negiva wasn’t even going for server first 85, he really isn’t the kind of person that cares about those things.

  7. unknown says:

    Its the idea he could of been 1st without doing what Athene did, I dont know what the 2nd world 85 did to level. Me personally thinks its unfair how Athene can level to 85 through that method and then have the strategy taken out by blizzard immediately afterward.

  8. Perdrix says:

    Well, that’s how this game has been for awhile. I mean, bugs exist, but it is not until someone uses the bug to do something note worthy that Blizzard takes notice and fixes it. Remember Reck Bomb? That paladin solo’d Kazzak using that and the ability was changed quickly after.

  9. unknown says:

    Yeah, quite ridiculous and Seal of Crusader was the same as Reckoning but not as deadly to where you can solo Kazzakk, It was a rogue in plate seal for Paladins with insane damage.

    But I heard Athene done something like this in TBC and was bumped back to 60 I think it was after having gotten 69 from some method similar to what he or she did recently, what gets me is Athene asked Blizz if it was ok to use that method to level and they said yes, but then they take out as soon as he or she reached 85. It just dont make much sense.

  10. Sommerset says:

    Ahhh the good old days when i was in TGF haha miss the old wow for sure 😀

  11. Amrast says:

    Still to this day people would ask if I was Amrod. Which I’m not, but I did know the guy. I still have Amrast in most of his T1 gear collecting dust on another server though. I enjoyed the great read though.

  12. unknown says:

    I am kind of amazed the fact how much some people actually grew up, people who either left or some people who still play.

    yet the people I knew the most never changed and seem to have never grew up, even though they damn near 30, some with kids, and they are still seeming to be in the body of a 12 year old.

    I am fairly certain Scherzo is in that category to as he was in his 20s and acted like a 10 year old.

  13. Anon says:

    Order of the Alliance (OOTA) had the first Ony kill and were the first guild formed. Alot of the members in FL came from OOTA cause we wanted to focus more on progression. OOTA started to fall apart when Katsalano left to fly toy planes. Treye took it over and drove it into the ground. FL definitely had politics, but wierd twisted politics, odd factions always at each other. Then there were those who logged in to raid and logged out. Let the People with little going for them in life have there glory on the game. Who cares.

  14. Unknown says:

    I thought I remembered correctly this was Dii Della Luna who had the first Ony kill?

    I am not even sure if OOTA was around at that time. OOTA was originally in Everquest as another guild on Veeshan I do believe, and didnt form on Windrunner until later on, not sure if the was branched off of Dii Della Luna, But I recall only 2 major guilds took a shot the night Ony was killed, that was DDL and I believe Forlorn. Forlorn some how or another never did kill Ony night.

    Not sure what Treye did to OOTA, but when alot of new ownership took over, some of the people that was trying to lead the guilds in the right direction went wrong for all the wrong reasons, most of it comes down to loot and who raids and when you raid. Thats the top 3 things that runs a guild. YOu make changes for better or worse, then you going to never hear the end of it.

  15. Nicolai says:

    My power is absolute.
    -The Real Nicolai

  16. Monitor says:

    Bunnies Elite, ahhhhh

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