Why Gulf Coast Game Trader is bad if you into retro gaming in South Mississippi.

Why is this information deleted?

Because for the time being, times have changed and none of the information is current, while this stuff did happen, its not now.

Bottom line is this.


no real gamer or game collector sets foot into this group, when they do, they are booted.

Many of the resellers run amuck do, the same people who try their damnest to get huge lots worth $300-400 for $90 so they can make huge profits at your expense.

With that said, let me speak about Xanatos, the guy who keeps changing his FB profile name. If I ever find out you drive a PT Cruiser trying to stalk my premises, which was a while back seeing how much research and effort you put into trying to find me, you going to be wishing you never went that extra mile.

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