Why Gulf Coast Game Trader is bad if you into retro gaming in South Mississippi.

I first joined the group about a year ago, it was recommended by someone who runs the group who ran a yard sale one morning, apparently prices most of his stuff off Amazon, Amazon will play a key importance later in the article.

Over time problems began surfacing when it pertained to video games, more so retro video games, lets mention their was very few deals to ever be had in the group, usually when a good deal came along, it had to be linked elsewhere, that is more a testament to the greed of people and admins of the group. I think my biggest mistake as well as anyone’s mistake of the group is posting finds and where they were from, why you ask? Because of D and J Games, look it up on Facebook its a real page, while not active, its perfectly active on Amazon, I can pretty much guarantee you that D and J means Dylan and Jarod, and more into Jarod as this article goes on.

The problem with this group is I have learned over time that it is nothing more than reseller’s, mostly admins at that who run the place, but more telling is the underhanded tactics used to pretty much ruin the retro gaming community along the Mississippi Gulf Coast to a point its worse than what Just 4 Play has done, how you ask? Speaking with multiple people, it seems Gulf Coast Game Trader has a pretty bad reputation among retro gamers and retro game collectors, speaking on the group itself, rules are enforced whenever they feel like it, they set poor examples by buying for pennies and selling for ebay prices, and they have complete disregard and fail to acknowledge other resellers who can offer more for less, while I am against resellers to a degree, some are decent, those decent ones like Dennis Malley who is at Menge Flea Market has been pissed off enough by Jarod, more about him in a minute. But others are banned or kept in the dark for their own agenda and greed.

Whats this about Jarod? Speaking to some people who I will name, some I wont name, he has more enemies around here than fleas on a goat. One of the names was Dennis Malley who said in quote

” Wow I have one guy the other day I offered to buy everything he had and that guy Jared I can’t drive because I have a I disease and they took my license because I couldn’t make it there in 30 minutes Jerry got the deal that was pretty shitty and I noticed that guy is still selling games on the site ”

For the record it was Jarod, and was not surprised one bit, Another guy named Ant King (His real name? I dunno) was selling a NES lot of games that included such titles as Mega Man 3 and 6, Contra, Mighty Final Fight, Mario Bros 1,2,3, Donkey Kong, other common and lesser common games all for $100, I gave him $120, not knowing Final Fight was in there as I dont think it was on his list, but I am sure Jarod knew as according to Ant King, Jarod was trying to offer him $50 for the lot after Ant King was stating on Gulf Coast Game Trader that Just 4 Play (apparently the 2nd place low ballers on the coast behind Jarod) was offering him $75 for everything and was wanting close to what they were offering (which aint bad), then a big fight ensued and Ant King was booted off the group because cry baby Jarod could not get his way, I am sure as I continue to talk with people, his name is going to continue to pop up.

But theirs more? Yes. It was bought to my attention back in about November 2014 of a problem happening at a local thrift store, one of the premiere thrift stores in the area very similar to savers that operates out of Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and around there. They get alot of donations from Homes of Grace, People, Storage units (ahhhh), and no telling where else, about this time in 2014 the store that would regularly produce retro systems, games, if not weekly, on a bi-weekly basis and at worse maybe every 3 weeks, stopped producing entirely except spots, I get into spots in a minute. Same time Jarod was posting a good bit of finds with no location on where he got them from (This is ironic due to a later post I made that seem to set a bomb off in that group about keeping locations of finds watered down and a secret) But you could probably guess with high certainty it was from this thrift store, but their was really no proof but one hell of a coincidence, also why Dylan deletes all the older post, not because it “clutters” the group, its to hide the shit they are doing so no one can go back and reference these points, noting this is the only group I know of that does this and is absolutely pointless to do unless you hiding something. But back to the thrift store business, things began peeking my interest later on when Jarod mysteriously start actually posting a few things he got from the thrift store, when I start taking notes, I found this:

– Posting finds of stuff that was never on the sales floor and noting the time was often later in the afternoon after manager left.

– early morning finds of scattered games near end of the shelf on the main walking aisle that oddly enough led either from electronics department, or books which now or was putting games out.

– After finding one game one morning he would state it was scratched up and didnt want it…….that was the nail in the coffin for me and knew their was more to this.

#1 Games are put out until 2 PM, he was coming out with games/merch after that point, systems on the other hand were more tricky but I know suffered same fate, I know this because of what I have noticed, that be kept secret for now.

#2 Manager is there until probably about 4-6, and whoever Jarod’s inside guy is is afternoon shift worker and this BS is happening after the manager is gone.

It can all be denied, but bottom line is their is just too much smoke, where their is smoke, a fire is brewing. Now I could get off topic and start targeting Goodwill, although its not quite as compelling of a story than this one and most likely Jarod aint involved anyway, however a Goodwill worker has popped up in the group, if that doesn’t seem fishy at all, although Jarod probably not involved in this one, but their is no telling what other thrift stores and flea markets this group has infiltrated either, to better hide their business, most reselling is done on Amazon.

Stay Tuned as I find out more information.

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